Algae – Time for ideas have run out !!

Man has never been in a greater hurry than now !

Not just for his deadlines and bottom lines .

He is in a hurry for Controlling the climate change.

He doesnt have time to grow forests. He is happy growing trees at home.

In fact he doesnt have time to grow trees before the climate change brings about another tsunami and washes away his coastal area.

He is in a hurry to save Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh from drowning in the next 50 years.

The race for oil from algae is on full steam. Millions of dollars are being funded in this industry by the Gov and private sector Venture capitalists. Research is going on in full steam in Gene modification labs to create a high oil yielding strain of algae. Research is on quantum fracturing on cultivation and in extraction.

Given the sense of urgency that the man is in, it is imperative that in such fields Patenting should be avoided.

Many academicians and theorists,  would be happy to come up with interesting theory or concept at the lab level and patent ideas. They are clear that they will be able to sell it later at exhorbitant values.

That is not correct !

Given the urgency, to the mankind, there should be nothing that is allowed to exist to slow down the path to alternative fuel.

No patenting should be allowed.

Priority shoud be given for those who are ready to execute and lead the way to cheaper alternative cleaner fuel.

Alternative methods to reimburse the innovators of patents to be arrived at. Immediately or later. Clear the way for those who are willing to experiment with a pilot !

Let us move ahead !

NO time for quarantining ideas in this field.

3 Responses

  1. 1. Proprietary photobioreactor (PBR). Keeping in mind Leonardo da Vinci's principle “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication,” we have built our own PBR. After conducting field experiments, we are certain of strong market advantages of our engineering. AFS PBR: * minimizes capital and operating costs of microalgae cultivation; * maximizes utilization of sunlight energy per acre of land; * is adoptable to most operating conditions and user parameters such as climate zones, intensity of light, microalgae strains (fresh and seawater), types and intensity of CO2 and nutrients intake; * leverages upon an innovative solution to temperature control and surface fouling.THIS IS PATENTED BY AFS. IF IT DEPATENTED OR PATENTED AS SUGGESTED BY YOU, THERE CAN BE SO MUCH MORE ACTION AND TRIAL IN ALGAE GROWTH.

  2. I agree fully. Patenting neednt have to be banned. But use must be incentivised. Later based on success the Patent owner must be given what the judiciary consders as his due.Or may be it can be shared at 50 %.This way the ideas wont be in deep freeze for long. This way the ideas will be actually used quickly and put into practice quickly.

  3. Oil from Algae is pretty hot.Open up. Let us find practical solutions fast !!

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