New Reports on the Potential of Algae as one of the most Promising sources of Biodiesel

A new report released by Energy Business Reports (, a leading publisher in the energy industry, provides an in depth account of the potential of algae as one of the most promising sources of biodiesel. The report, “Biofuel from Algae Market Potential,” details the various aspects of producing, using and sustaining biofuel from algae. In addition, it offers an insight into the market’s economical and technological challenges, the newest research findings and an overview of the major players in the sector.

Driven by the rising cost of petroleum-based energy, dependence on imported oil and rising global climate change, Congress passed the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in 2005 and reinforced it in 2007 with the Energy Security and Independence Act. The law requires the increase of biofuel production from 9 billion gallons in 2008 to 36 billion gallons in 2022. Producing biofuel from algae seems an attractive alternative to fossil-based energy. Algae, also referred to as third-generation biodiesel, is biodegradable and can be produced using ocean and waste water without depleting fresh water resources.

At the same time, producing biofuel from algae cost-effectively on a large scale is tremendously expensive. Additionally, there are other technological challenges, including understanding how to identify oil-rich algae and develop processes for extracting algae oil economically.

‘Biofuel from Algae Market Potential,’ examines all these challenges in-depth to provide an understanding of the algae biofuel industry,” says Barbara Drazga, Publisher at Energy Business Reports. “It helps assess the potential of algae as a source of renewable energy, captures the landscape of the market and identifies its major leaders.” The report addresses every facet of the potential of biofuel from algae. It covers a wide array of topics providing a basic understanding of the concept and delving into the various issues involved.

For more information, visit: “Biofuel from Algae Market Potential” –

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