Algae to Biofuels Feasibility Study

To inject realism in the study of algae to biofuels a feasibility study hs been done in a hypothetical  pilot project at  Dallas. Some of the conclusions are….. It is reasonable to expect that work will continue on developing new strains of algae, faster growing and with higher lipid/starch content, vastly increasing the theoretical amount of biofuels that can be produced per acre.  Similarly, new strains will be identified or created that are more effective in capturing CO2.

There are already press articles reporting algae strains capable of capturing nearly four times their weight in CO2, twice the “normal” amount.  But anyone who contemplates building or investing in algae-to-biofuels projects needs to be cognizant of the less glamorous aspects of the process as well.  The availability of land, water, CO2 and nutrients will continue to be potentially constraining  factors to commerciality.

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