T 300 New Catalyst boosts Algae fuel Extraction

T 300 New Catalyst boosts Algae fuel Extraction:

Iowa State University researchers in conjunction with DOE’s Ames National Laboratory alongside biofuel specialists Catilin Inc have announced new technology which they developed to allow the use of microscopic nanoparticles in order to remove fatty acids out of living microalgae via absorption.

The new process will allow for the production of more self sustaining and cost-effective biofuels. Researchers are able to remove the oil on molecular levels and then by mixing it into a non-toxic biofuel they are able to catalyze biofuel production while maintaining the health of the algae.

This new catalyst, called the T300, is fully recyclable and would be able to replace sodium methylate, a more harmful catalyst which has been more commonly used. Sodium methylate has the ability to kill human nerve cells.

More: http://bit.ly/8jyOPT

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