Algae – An Anlalytical Study

A power point presentation about algae – types of algae [micro,macro] explains why planktonic  is the better choice. A pictorial comparison of oil output from corn,soya, palm,rapeseed,sunflower and algae mentions other added advantages of algae.

1. Does not take up fertile land,can be grown in sea or waste water, positive energy utilization, carbon balance can be coupled with CO2  emitting industries.

2. Does a historical  trace of  algae study and its significance in today’s world.

3. Reviews if there are any bioethical concerns of algal fuels.

4. Traces the uses of algae from dynamite to beer,animal feed to fertilizers,chemicals to health food.

Technology adopted by algae biofuel companies are high lighted.

Finally a directory listing the algae biofuel companies.

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