Extraction from Macro algae

Having economic and ecological interest, algae are cultivated with the aid of buoys, in areas where the wind and the current are not strong. Among the most common species are Kappaphycus, Gelidium, Gigardina, Gracilaria, Encheuma, Hypmea and Pterocladia. During growth, the algae selectively assimilate many of the minerals contained in water. They photosynthesize and synthesize the carbohydrate polymer that constitutes the structural framework of the alga body, which may be agar-agar, carrageen or others polymers.

The most known substances extracted from macro-algae are of three types: alginates, extracted from chestnut algae; agar-agar and carrageens, extracted from varies species of red algae. The agar-agar is a mucilage (vegetable gelatin) constituted of agarose and agaropectin polymers.

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