New Bio Fertiliser from a Microalga

Bioalgal Marine, an Almeria University spin-off company specialised in cultivating and integral usage of microalgae has developed a new fertiliser manufactured from a microalga called Spirulina, called Algafert. This natural fertiliser visibly enhances plants’ roots and resistance, without compromising its final quality.

According to Marta Sánchez de Puerta, Bioalgal Marine’s Manager, “this biofertiliser, which is particularly suitable for intensive agriculture crops, is simply a mixture of the microalga Spirulina, water and enzymes. This mixture is heated and, upon reaching a specific temperature, the microalgae break up and release the amino acids. By applying this fertiliser on the crops we save the plant the work of creating the amino acids, with which it grows faster.”

The main peculiarity of this microalga is its high concentration in amino acids, polysaccharides, phytohormones, oligoelements and antioxidants. All these substances, extracted using natural and environmental-friendly methods, act on secondary root growth, cell growth multiplication of the plant’s mass, and multiplication of new shoots, as well as enhancing flowering, which in turn provides greater uniformity in the fruits, both in terms of size and their external appearance. Furthermore, it gives the fruits greater shine and consistency.

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