Algae grows best in PBR

The two primary methods currently available for growing and harvesting algae are open pond systems and closed system photobioreactors (PBR). PBR’s create an enclosed growing environment for algae cultivation where light, air, and nutrients are supplied at regulated levels to ensure optimized growth. The problems versus benefits between the two systems are presented in bullet points in clear and detailed manner.

The site clearly shows that photobioreactor scores over traditional open pond systems. An unbiased presentation of facts helps in making a choice.

PBR efficiencies still require fine tuning. Government funding or subsidies would be a necessity especially for start up and small bio fuels companies. More research is required to isolate the most cost effective extraction processes.

Despite these limitations, bio algae production from PBR’s represents one of the United States’ greatest opportunities for transition away from strictly fossil fuels, while providing a high protein food source for humans and as a feed stock for animal, poultry, and fish live stocks. It can also assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases by sequestering CO2. As production levels increase PBR’s will be able to use their own oil output to run themselves removing the argument that it still requires fossil fuels to bio fuel production.

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