Aurora Biofuels leases Algae ponds

Aquacarotene Ltd,Perth based company said it had agreed to sell its leases and licences at its algae ponds in Karratha to US-based Aurora Biofuels for $2 million plus a 15-year gross revenue royalty of 2 per cent.

California-based Aurora would now start a pilot project at Karratha. It planned that construction of a full facility would happen by 2012 and the full project to produce algae for bio-diesel would be operational by 2013.

Keen interest in algae fuels grows.

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  1. Univenture and AlgaeVenture Systems philosophy utilizes waste energies from collocated facilities including heat, with an additional requirement for suitable water-cooling resources (geothermal, river, or body of water), CO2 waste gas, and nutrient/organic wastes. The targeted industries are power generation, wastewater, livestock, food waste, biomass waste, landfill, and various industrial concerns. The resulting systems will provide resource conservation, improved water and air quality while producing large quantities of biomass for utilization for fuel, feed, food, fertilizer, and other advanced materials or products. This integrated strategy will result in a leap forward for sustainability strategies, which can be implemented by a variety of concerns while lowering the floor to capital & expense viability.
Univenture firmly believes the primary path forward for fuels from algae will require capital cost sharing with collocated facilities along with an evolutionary path to the profit floor of fuel. Justification of capital cost share comes from cleaner water and air through a variety of considerations, including: ecological, social, energy policies, and national security justifications. Solar energy is one contributing direct energy source, not the sole source other organic carbon sources can provide massive additional energy to obtain lipids. Enclosed systems offer tremendous advantages for control, optimization, continual processing, and resource (water) conservation. These philosophies allow for algae to be grown for fuel and other products economically and virtually anywhere the natural and industrial resources can be utilized in an economically balanced combination.

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