About Us

The future of biofuel may lie in one word: Algae. Algae are tiny biological factories that use photosynthesis to transform carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy efficiently. Biofuel  produced from Algae often called Algae Oil, Algae Fuel or Oilgae is a 3rd generation biofuel produced from Algae.

Oil from Algae –  That is where the action is!

If it is happening, it is happening in Algae!
Lots of money pouring in! Increase in VC funding!
Lots of patents!

Everything about Algae.

Algae to oil.

Algae for bio remediation.

Algae for saving the world.

All about Algae. All the time. At Algae Bulletin.
Free Ads. Free Directories. News. Views.

My name is Veronica Cassandra. I work for a yet to be named start up in Algae to oil research firm in Ireland. I intend making Algae Bulletin the number one blog in the field of Algae.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Please send a mail to <algae.bulletin@gmail.com>


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  1. I support your efforts and I look forward to working with your firm in the future.

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