• Microalgal triacylglycerols as feedstocks for biofuel production: perspectives and advances

  • Biodiesel from microalgae beats bioethanol

  • Producing Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)-Rich Algae from Biodiesel-Derived Crude Glycerol: Effects of Impurities on DHA Production and Algal Biomass Composition

  • Biodiesel production – current state of the art and challenges

  • Production of biodiesel from macroalgae by supercritical CO2 extraction and thermochemical liquefaction

  • Biodiesel Fuel Production from Algae as Renewable Energy

  • Biodiesel from microalgae – Yusuf Chisti

  • Biodiesel: Algae as a Renewable Source for Liquid Fuel

  • Production of Biodiesel from Algae Oils – A.Demirba

  • Algae research

  • International journal on algae

  • Algal Biomass Utilization

  • Indian Journal of  Biotechnology

  • Algae powered batteries

  • Algae photosynthesis creates hydrogen fuel

  • Algae to capture and destroy carbondioxide

  • Bill Gates like algae enough to invest in them

  • Algae new star in biofuel galaxy

  • Microalgae as a raw material for biofuels production

  • Economical, Eco-friendly process for making biodiesel fuel from algae

  • New Hampshire company aims to make biofuel from sewage

  • Renewed interest in turning algae into fuel generated

  • Origin oil announces breakthrough process to extract oil from algae

  • Algae’s energy potential blooms

  • NASA develops algae bioreactor as a sustainable energy source

  • Clean algae biofuel project leads world in productivity

  • Saponification of the Insoluble Organic Residues from Oil Shales, Algal Oozes, and Algae

  • Solix biofuels begins production of oil made from algae

  • German scientist see use for algae in biofuels


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