Algae based Waste water treatment system reduces cost

Oldcastle Precast, a manufacturer of precast and polymer concrete products, has signed an exclusive agreement with Indianapolis based Algaewheel Technologies LLC to sell Algaewheel technology as part of its wastewater treatment systems.

Oldcastle’s new Maxpac Package Plant Wastewater System combines Algaewheel technology – simple clarification processes enhanced by the natural coagulating effects of algae filaments – and disinfection to result in effluent treated to secondary and tertiary standards.

During the treatment process, algae produce oxygen to feed the bacteria, and bacteria produce CO2 to feed the algae, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint. In the process, nutrients and BOD are removed from the waste stream. The packaged plant system is currently designed for use in smaller-scale decentralized wastewater treatment applications. A larger-capacity system is under development.
This is eco friendly too! Reducing carbon footprint is an added bonus.

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