Microalgae oil prevents Heart attack

DHA-microalgae oil proves to be better source of EPA, when compared to flax seed oil. This isbecause ALA from flax must be converted into DHA then converted into EPA, whereas, DHA from microalgae only has to be converted into EPA. That is one less enzymatic step to go through!In one study, vegetarians that do not have enough EPA and DHA, supplemented with 1 gram of microalgae oil derived DHA per day for eight weeks, and significantly increased their levels of both DHA and EPA (Lipids 40 (8): 807-814).

These results indicate that DHA derived from microalgae is a very good source of DHA and EPA compared to ALA derived from flax oil. Given the fact that DHA from algae oil is an exceedingly better vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids, the question is, does it have the same health benefits as fish oil?

The answer is yes.

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Algae Oil Extraction Chemical Methods PPT EBook Download

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Extraction from Macro algae

Having economic and ecological interest, algae are cultivated with the aid of buoys, in areas where the wind and the current are not strong. Among the most common species are Kappaphycus, Gelidium, Gigardina, Gracilaria, Encheuma, Hypmea and Pterocladia. During growth, the algae selectively assimilate many of the minerals contained in water. They photosynthesize and synthesize the carbohydrate polymer that constitutes the structural framework of the alga body, which may be agar-agar, carrageen or others polymers.

The most known substances extracted from macro-algae are of three types: alginates, extracted from chestnut algae; agar-agar and carrageens, extracted from varies species of red algae. The agar-agar is a mucilage (vegetable gelatin) constituted of agarose and agaropectin polymers.

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Research Scholarship in Algae

In Italy !!

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Algae – x in china

Algae-X received a Certificate of Registration of Trademark from the People’s Republic of China for use with Fuel Economizers, oil scrubbing apparatus, fuel filters, gas scrubbing apparatus, water purifying apparatus and machines, fuel circulating systems, fuel dialyses systems, fuel additive systems, automatic filtration equipment, magnetic fuel processing and decontamination installations, fuel economizers for conditioning of fuel, fuel economizers for stabilization of fuel, fuel processing installations for maintaining and managing fuel, and fuel saving equipment. The trademark is viable through June of 2019.

Algae at $10,000 a ton

Food is as big a problem for China as oil. Rising temperatures and temperature fluctuations could cause swings of 30 to 50 percent in harvests.

Nutraceutical oil sells for far more than diesel. Kyle McCue of Ternion Bio Industries told us recently that his company has signed deals with pharmaceutical companies to deliver algae at close to $10,000 a ton. Going straight to food also lets producers skirt some technical issues, like how to turn the lipid oil into hydrocarbons and how to keep single strains pure.

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Solazyme named No 1 Company

Solazyme achieved a number of milestones in 2009 in its quest to use microalgae biotechnology to produce clean and scalable fuels, “green” chemicals, nutritionals and wellness products.

Notable achievements include:

Closing a $57 million Series C financing round Winning two U.S. Department of Defense Navy contracts for jet fuel and ship fuel which constitute the largest quantity of fuel derived from algae or any microbial fuel to dateCompleting a “field-to-wheels” carbon dioxide analysis which concluded that Solazyme’s algal biofuel, Soladiesel™, reduces greenhouse gas emissions 85 to 93 percent when compared with petroleum-based dieselBeing awarded a California Energy Commission PIER grant to develop fuel from cellulosic materialAnnouncing a formal commitment to commercialize algal renewable oil production technology for food and fuel at the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative.